Memorial in the correctional facility (JVA) Wolfenbüttel

n the courtyard of the former punishment prison Wolfenbüttel was established in the fall of 1937, a place of execution, were carried out in the death sentences of the German civil and militätischen jurisdiction and more than 700 civilians and soldiers beheaded or hanged on 12 October 1937 to the March 15, 1945. After the liberation in April 1945, the British military authorities, between June 1945 and July 1947 were enforced, 67 death sentences.

The place of execution was obtained and in April 1990 on behalf of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice in a memorial and documentation center for victims of theNazi -Justiz be converted. The work focuses on research into the history of theNazi -Justiz and executed prisoners and others, particularly in the study of the fate of victims of Nazi -Justiz, notably through the purchase of historical documents for the members to clarify the fate belongs. Furthermore, with a wide range of programming guides and seminars groups of visitors – particularly school classes – supervised.

The permanent exhibition of the Memorial documented under the title “Justice in National Socialism – crimes in the name of the German people” the development of the German judiciary in the years 1933 to 1945. It lists the names of perpetrators and victims, presents biographies of the active Mitwirkens to stately crimes as well such fates of men and women as objects of state violence.

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