9 tips how to discover Braunschweig sustainable

Wochenmarkt auf dem Altstadtmarkt C) Braunschweig Stadtmarketing Phillip Ziebart
Wochenmarkt auf dem Altstadtmarkt

– In order to incentivise the use of electric vehicles, the City of Braunschweig has installed an ample number of charging stations within the urban area. In addition, you may park your electric car for up to three hours free of charge in public parking spaces, which are usually subject to a fee within the city zone.

– You can circle and familiarise yourself with the ‘City of the Lion’ on the Braunschweig’s ‘Ringgleis’ network of cycle paths and footpaths. The route guides you past several recreational facilities, and the diversity of the individual sections of the route offer great enjoyment and are highly worthwhile.

– Whether in the cosy Café Lüttes at the Alte Waage (Old Scale house), in the makery, a café located right in the centre of the traditional Magni district, or in one of the many other lovely little cafés in the city centre, you can enjoy specialty coffees, homemade cakes or filling snacks. And best of all: All ingredients are fair trade products, or originate locally within the Region.

– Enjoy a takeaway coffee without a bad conscience by using the RECUP reusable deposit system. Have your RECUP filled by one of the participating cafés, and simply return it to any campaign partner after use!

– Browse in Naturalou, Jojeco or the Naturladen for environmentally-friendly and fair trade products such as household utensils, decorative items, jewellery, clothing and all other kinds of sustainable products.

– Every Saturday, the weekly market tempts people into the historical Altstadtmarkt (Old Town market) with fresh produce from the region. The range of goods on offer extends from regional food such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, ham and sausages, right up to honey from the local bees.

– If you are expressly searching for fair trade or regionally-produced luxury items such as delicious chocolate or aromatic coffee, you should drop into the Tourist Information office, Kleine Burg 14, or Contigo, a charming place in the city centre.

– Not only plants and birds can be observed during a relaxed walk through the Riddagshausen nature conservation area. Fallow deer also await your visit in their forest enclosure. If you like, you can also participate in the Ranger guided tour offered by the Naturerlebniszentrum (Natural Experience Centre) Haus Entenfang, and thus learn exciting details about the native flora and Fauna.

– The Braunschweig Christmas market, steeped in tradition, is open to visitors from 25 November to 29 December. There you can enjoy an extensive range of delicious food and beverages, served on sustainable disposable or reusable dishes. Energy-saving LED lighting and the use of 100% natural power from regenerative sources ensure a festive market atmosphere which is also sustainable.