Stroll around the Lion City


Historic guided city tour of Braunschweig

Braunschweig was founded approximately 1000 years ago and roughly 850 years ago Henry the Lion expanded the city and made it his residence. Historical buildings from the Middle Ages rigtht through to modern days bear testimony to the eventful and changing history of the city and highlight its cultural and economic importance. This tour leads you from the Burgplatz (castle square) with Braunschweig‘s landmark, the lion, Dankwarderode Castle and St. Blasii Cathedral to the city centre. You will reach the Altstadtmarkt with the Gewandhaus (cloth hall), the old town hall, the Martini Church and the Mariennen Fountain. This is an exciting walking tour through Braunschweig that shows the city from one of its best sides.

Length: 1,5 hours
Price: € 90 incl. VAT
(max. 25 persons)

Further Information

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