Rammelsberg – Museum and Tourist Mine

Rammelsberg von oben_GOSLAR marketing gmbh_filmpunktton
Rammelsberg von oben_GOSLAR marketing gmbh_filmpunktton

Discover the UNESCO World heritage site

Rammelsberg Museum and Ore Mine open to visitors (Besucherbergwerk) UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Erzbergwerk Rammelsberg (Rammelsberg Ore Mine), closed in 1988 after well over a thousand years of mining operations, is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, selected due to the high-quality substance of the monument both above and below ground, in combination with the surrounding landscape cultivated by man and the city of Goslar, whose old part is characterised by its mining heritage. Large sections above and below ground are open to visitors, who can choose between different guided tours through the fascinating world under ground and various offers right among the above-ground buildings of this imposing industrial monument.


Rammelsberg – Museum und Besucherbergwerk
Bergtal 19
38640 Goslar
Tel.: +49 (0) 5321/7500
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E-Mail: info@rammelsberg.de
Internet: www.rammelsberg.de