Marienbug castle – a neo-gothic dream

Schloss Marienburg c) HMTG Michael Abid
Aerial autumn panorama of the Marienburg castle near Hannover, Germany

Like something out of a fairy-tale Marienburg Castle is perched on a hilltop near the town of Pattensen.

It was the last summer residence of the Guelph Kings of Hannover and can be seen from as far off as Calenberger Land. The splendid neo-gothic castle was built by King George V in the mid-19th century as a gift to his wife Mary. Guided tours offer a fascinating glimpse of life behind the scenes. In summer, the Castle is used as a venue for live music and plays. The old coach house and stables provide a special ambience for the restaurant.

Currently, no independent tours or guided tours can take place in the castle rooms.

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