Guided Tour: Highlights of Goslar

Kaiserpfalz_GOSLAR Fotograf_Stefan_Schiefer
Kaiserpfalz_GOSLAR Fotograf_Stefan_Schiefer

Highlights of Goslar

For groups who would like to experience our cultural highlights in a guided tour, we offer a city tour with an interior visit of the famous Kaiserpfalz and the Lohmühle/Siemenshaus dating from 1693, the ancestral home of the industrialist family and one of the largest town houses in the city.

Guided city tour for groups wanting to experience our two cultural hightlights in one tour: guided tour inside the famous Kaiserpfalz (Imperial palace) and the Lohmühle of the Siemens houses to the new multimedia experience Huldigungssaal (Hall of Homage) in the Town Hall.

Lenght: 2.5 hrs, not bookable on Mondays

Price for groups up to 10 persons:
German                    EUR 175,00
Foreign languages*  EUR 200,00

Price for groups up to 20 persons:
German:                   EUR 270,00
Foreign languages* EUR 300,00

*Languages: English, French, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Norwegian

Further information and booking:

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