Green belt around Wolfenbüttel

Grünes Wolfenbüttel - Wallanlagen c) Achim Meurer
Grünes Wolfenbüttel – Wallanlagen c) Achim Meurer

The historic old town of the Lessing city of Wolfenbüttel is surrounded by a magnificent green belt, which offers many opportunities for various sports and cultural leisure activities. It originated from one of the most powerful German fortress complexes. At the so-called Stadtgraben, an idyllic pond with a fountain and a swan house, there are comfortable fishing spots, a fitness course, a boules court, tennis courts, canoe stations and children’s playgrounds. At a city beach with a volleyball court, Wolfenbüttel residents and guests enjoy the summer together and unwind. The nearby all-weather swimming pool, which is easily accessible via foot and bike paths, and the adventure golf course also provide fun and relaxation. At the southwestern end of the moat is the Lessingtheater, built in 1909 and recently completely renovated, which keeps alive a long theater tradition with a diverse program. Adjacent to the northwestern part is the former civic cemetery, where Lessing’s wife, Eva König, is buried, among others. You can also explore the former fortifications on a guided themed tour.

Stadtgraben Wolfenbüttel

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