With the motorhome to Goslar

Motorhome vacation in Goslar

Enjoy the freedom and still have your own home with you on vacation: Motorhome travelers have this advantage everywhere and on the road. Goslar is the perfect holiday destination for a trip with a motorhome, as the short distances, the city’s proximity to nature and the wide range of cultural offerings provide pure holiday pleasure. Motorhome vacationers can be enchanted by the Harz landscape and enjoy the unforgettable beauty of the historic old town in their own way. Welcome to a motorhome vacation in Goslar!

Fachwerkgasse_GOSLAR marketing gmbh_Photographer_Stefan_Schiefer
Fachwerkgasse GOSLAR marketing gmbh_Photographer_Stefan_Schiefer

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9 tips for motorhome travelers

  1. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage city of Goslar and explore the impressive old town with its half-timbered houses and historic sights, such as the castle of the same name. by taking a ride on the Bimmelbahn (cable car)
  2. Enjoy a breathtaking view from the tower of the market church
  3. Experience one of the daily guided tours through the old town of Goslar
  4. Visit the Rammelsberg mine and immerse yourself in the history of mining in the region, e.g. on a guided tour above or below ground.
  5. At Goslar Museum and Tin Figures Museum you can learn exciting and interesting facts about the 1100-year history of the city of Goslar
  6. Discover the Imperial Palace, part of the Old City and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  7. Take a journey through different architectural styles and eras through the historic City Hall with daily guided tours, during which you can also experience the new multimedia exhibition in the Hall of Homage
  8. There are many cafes and restaurants in the old town center, where you will find a wide selection ranging from vegan/vegetarian cuisine to hearty, typical Harz dishes to suit all tastes
  9. The parking facilities for motorhomes are very central and can be found at Osterfeld or in the parking garage “Füllekuhle” in Bertha-von-Suttner-Straße, from where you can reach the old town on foot

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