9 Tips for meetings and congresses in Braunschweig

Stadthalle Braunschweig c) Stadthalle Braunschweig
Stadthalle Braunschweig c) Stadthalle Braunschweig

1. Optimal event locations
For every occasion, Braunschweig offers just the right location: whether at the Volkswagen Halle for large events, at the Stadthalle (civic centre) for conferences requiring spatial flexibility or at the Dornse in the old Rathaus (city hall) for a representative reception.

2. Practical online convention planner
Simply find the suitable scene for your convention online: enter your requirements for features, take a look at convention hotels and event locations in Braunschweig and the region and enquire directly.

3. Convention packages with information material
You want your participants to get to know Braunschweig not only as a convention location, but also to explore the city? Then our convention packages provide exactly the right information!

4. Attractive guided city tours
Do you prefer classic, extravagant or culinary? Experience the diverse facets of Braunschweig on one of our guided tours through the Lion City. A perfect addition to your convention.

5. Science and research directly local
The great variety of internationally renowned research institutes, academic institutions and research enterprises provide optimal conditions for your convention with a research focus.

6. Relaxation close by
Treat your convention members to a little leisure time. The river Oker surrounds the inner city like a ring, it is the breathing space of Braunschweig, offering visitors tranquillity and natural surroundings. On a leisurely rafting trip, you will see what a pleasure Braunschweig is to look at also from the water.

7. Conventions and sustainability – Green Meetings in Braunschweig
Is a successful event just as important to you as sustainability and responsible treatment of people and resources? We organise your convention in a way that will not be a burden on your conscience.

8. Charming destinations for excursions in the region
As part of the supporting programme for your convention, the Braunschweig region has a lot to offer. Visit the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, explore the old town centre of Wolfenbüttel or discover the treasures of nature in the Harz mountains.

9. City of short distances
Large enough to offer everything, yet small enough not to lose touch with one another during a convention. Here in Braunschweig, you can reach all places at a short distances.

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