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Luftaufnahme Celler Schloss
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Ducal residence and Europe’s largest ensemble of half-timbered buildings

A city of culture, charm and elegance – yet with all the dynamism of this day and age. Quite unique, boasting over 450 houses listed as protected in the old town alone, most dating back to the 16th, 17th, and 18th century. Not to mention the palace, the burial vault of the Guelph princes, “The First 24-Hour Art Museum” in the world containing the Robert Simon Collection, as well as the Bomann Museum, Lower Saxony’s third largest museum, in addition to many other highlights. For holidaymakers and visitors to the Lüneburg Heath Celle will be an unforgettable

experience on their journey – a paradise for strolling about, sightseeing, shopping and savouring its delights.


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Worth seeing

Ducal Palace

It is the oldest building in Celle and it is regarded as one of the most splendid Guelphic palaces in Northern Germany.

First mentioned in 1318, from its origins as a simple castle it was transformed in the following centuries into a magnificent residence for the dukes of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The four-wing construction reveals both from the exterior and the interior stylistic elements from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods.
The palace which is integrated in the historical “Old Town”, reflects in its construction phases the development from a castle to a ducal palace.
From all periods of use building structures remain: the medieval castle, the knights’ hall, the baroque state chambers, the baroque theatre.

The palace chapelwith its early Protestant fittings is important evidence for Renaissance art in northern Germany and can only be visited during a guided tour of the Guelph Palace, as well as the palace kitchen which its equipment bears witness to the 19th century. Thus the palace provides a chronicle of the ducal residence documented in stone.

In the Residence Museum located in the Palace local and regional history comes to life. A permanent exhibition presents the history of the ducal residence, life and work of the Guelphic dukes, the fate of the Danish queen Caroline Mathilda, the history of the Kingdom of Hanover and much more.

Further information about the Ducal Palace in Celle.


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Celle 24-hour Art Museum

with Robert Simon Collection

The world’s first 24-hour art museum, this museum exhibts modern and contemporary art from the Robert Simon Collection.
As the world’s first 24-hour art museum, the Art Museum Celle offers encounters with modern and contemporary art from the Robert Simon Collection and in changing temporary exhibitions during the day and at night. 24-Hour Art Museum means that there is something to be discovered around the clock. During the day, paintings, prints, sculptures, light and object art are on display – very classically -indoors. The museum is closed at night, but it is nevertheless still worth visiting. Light art takes the reins on and behind the glass façade, letting the building become a beacon of light.


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1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019

Palace theatre Celle | Season 2018

Highlight of the program is the summer theater in the courtyard of the palace. “The marriage of Figaro or a great day ” will be performed.

Further Information:

8 June 2019 to 10 June 2019

Creativity and design market “allerART”

Arts, crafts, culture and delicacies in Celle at the design market “allerART”

Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem Großen Plan in Celle
November 29th to December 27th 2018

Christmas Market in Celle

Could there be a lovelier place to spend the Christmas Season than the enchanting City of half timeberd houses Celle. Christmas Market 29 November to 27 December 2018

9 special tips:

  • Residential Palace Museum
  • Bomann Museum
  • Hannover state stud
  • Climb up the tower of the church
  • 24-Hour Art Museum with Robert Simon Collection
  • Boat trip on the Aller
  • Wichmann orchid breeders
  • Kloster Wienhausen (monastery)
  • Light art project “Speaking Lanterns”


Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH
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