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Braunschweig Angebote Stopover-Schloss
Residenzschloss c) Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH

Braunschweig – stop over arrangement

Braunschweig is the City of Henry the Lion, used to be the residency of the Guelphs, a successful Hanseatic town and former provincial capital. Germany’s City of Science 2007 owes its current profile to its proud history, to steady development as a dynamic location for trade and business, to its rich culture and its high quality of life. Historic buildings and the residential palace bear witness to the city’s rich history and lend the attractive city centre its visual character. The highlights of the wide and lively spectrum of cultural offers range between numerous festivals, special exhibitions and open-air concerts. Nestling among many parks and the river Oker, the city provides a large variety of recreation offers in the near vicinity. Thanks to its convenient location close to the Harz and the Lüneburg Heath, Braunschweig is also an ideal starting point for tours into a remarkable cultural region and landscape. Today, Braunschweig with its population of about 240,000 is the largest city between Hannover and Berlin and the major urban centre in the region.

Celle Angebote Stopover-Stadtrundgang
Schlossführung in Celle c) Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH

Celle – stop over arrangement

Celle – a residency town full of half-timbered buildings

This town with its unmistakeable flair was founded 700 years ago. Today it is a modern up-to-date city full of half-timbered buildings bursting with life and tradition. In Celle these contrasts blend together to form a harmonious whole where the past, present and future come together. A city to fall in love with. Virtually no other town can offer such incomparable variety. Trade, commerce, sport and culture are all of great importance in Celle. Every year visitors from all over the world come to experience Celle. And for holiday guests and visitors to the Lüneburg Heath a trip to Celle is an unforgettable highlight of their stay.

Celle in 99 minutes

Take up the invitation of Celle’s night watchman to take part in an tour of the old town at night. He will be dressed in authentic costume and equipped with a lantern and halberd (weapon) and tell you interesting and strange facts about the life of this mediaeval town and its inhabitants. Dates of tours are available from the Tourist Information Office.

Our prices

Views of Celle

  • 2 nights
  • welcome drink
  • ticket for admission to church tower and museum of the residency

*** hotel from EUR 120.00 per person in a double room.
Bookable May – Spetember

Family Hit (2 adults and 2 children up to 16 years of age)

  • 1 night
  • Family Hit Eat All You Can dinner incl. drinks for children
  • lunchbox for next day

*** hotel from EUR 178.00 for the entire family staying in a family room or 2 double rooms.


Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH
Altes Rathaus
Markt 14-16
D-29221 Celle
Tel.: +49 (0) 5141/909080
Fax:  +49 (0) 5141/90908710
E-Mail: info@celle-tourismus.de
Internet: www.celle-tourismus.de

Goslar Angebote Stopover-Kaiserpfalz
Goslar Kaiserpfalz c) GOSLAR marketing gmbh

Goslar – stop over arrangement

Discover a World Cultural Heritage site!

The delightful imperial city of Goslar can be found at the foot of the northern Harz mountains. Defiant-looking towers, numerous churches, colourful halftimbered buildings and cobbled streets – if you take a stroll through the old town, you will be transported back to the Middle Ages. Ornately decorated townhouses, guild buildings, churches, museums and the remains of the city fortifications – all this in an area measuring less than one square kilometre. In 1992 the Rammelsberg and the old town were listed as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

Goslar in 99 minutes

  • UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Rammelsberg Museum and silver mine
  • Kaiserpfalz (Imperial Palace) with St. Ulrich’s Chapel
  • Tour of town daily at 10.00 am
  • Huldigungssaal (Hall of Homage) in Town Hall
  • Carillon with moving figures, market square
  • Goslar Museum
  • Mönchehaus Museum of Modern Art
  • Museum of Tin Figures
  • Former hospice Großes Heiliges Kreuz

Our arrangement

Discover a World Heritage Site

This is the classic tour through the different epochs of the historic town centre. Admission to the new multimedia experience Huldigungssaal (Hall of Homage) is included.

Adults EUR 6.50
Children and young people from 6-18 years EUR 4.50

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Year-round, daily at 10:00 a.m. (expect New Year’s Day)


Tourist-Information der GOSLAR Marketing GmbH
Markt 7
38640 Goslar
Tel.: +49 (0) 5321/78060
Fax:  +49 (0) 5321/780644
E-Mail: tourist-information@goslar.de
Internet: www.goslar.de

Göttingen Angebote Stopover-Altes Rathaus
Altes Rathaus Göttingen c) Göttingen Tourismus e.V. / Lars Gerhardts

Göttingen – stop over arrangement

Take a break!

Right in the middle of Germany, directly on the motorway (A 7/ A 38) the university city of Göttingen with its many years of tradition is the ideal spot for a stopover when en route for your holiday. The historic old town, the mediaeval Town Hall, churches, half-timbered buildings, bars and restaurants, street cafés and numerous shops invite visitors to stroll about and take a closer look at the town. At the market fountain you will be greeted by the Gänseliesel, the “most-kissed girl in the world“.

Göttingen in 99 minutes

  • Numerous shops
  • Gastronomy including both traditional and modern cuisine
  • Street cafés
  • Student bars
  • Historic university buildings
  • Rathaus (Town Hall) with murals
  • Mediaeval city walls
  • Wide range of cultural activities
  • Tours of town

Our arrangement

  • 1 night
  • family rooms available
  • breakfast buffet
  • sightseeing pass
  • info pack

Price from per person in a double room from EUR 35.00.
Low hotel prices available all year round on the Internet.


Göttingen Tourismus e.V.
Markt 9
37073 Göttingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 551/499800
Fax:  +49 (0) 551/4998010
E-Mail: zimmerreservierung@goettingen.de
Internet: www.goettingen-tourismus.de

Hameln Angebote Stopover-Rattenfänger
Hameln Rattenfänger an der Weser c) Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH

Hameln – stop over arrangement

Tourists attracted by the Pied Piper and the old town

With its 60,000 inhabitants Hameln is the economic and touristic centre of the Weser Mountain area. The legend of the Pied Piper made Hameln world-famous, although the city’s wealth stems from its convenient location as a trading centre on the river Weser. Such economic success resulted in the construction of splendidly decorated houses by the merchants to show off their wealth. This has made Hameln into a jewel of the Weser Renaissance style.

Hameln in 99 minutes

  • Tour of town, in summer every day at 2.30 pm, in German
  • Mechanical Pied Piper Theatre at Museum Hameln
  • Pied Piper open-air Performance, Sundays in summer season, 12.00 noon
  • Musical “Rats”, Wednesdays in summer season, at 2.30 pm

Our prices

Hotel accommodation in a double room from EUR 35,00 per person. All rooms at least with shower/WC and television. Breakfast buffet included.

Hotel accommodation in a 4-bed room from EUR 30,00 per person. All rooms at least with shower/WC and television. Breakfast buffet included.


Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH
Tourist Information
Deisterallee 1
31785 Hameln
Tel.: +49 (0) 5151/957823
Fax:  +49 (0) 5151/957840
E-Mail: touristinfo@hameln.de
Internet: www.hameln.de

Hannover Angebote Stopover-Neues Rathaus Maschseeteiche
Hannover Neues Rathaus c) Lars Gerhardts

Hannover – stop over arrangement

Hannover – Right in the middle of Europe

Whether travelling from north to south, east to west: you cannot get round Hannover as it is the point of intersection for the major motorways and highspeed train connections. But it is worth stopping off in Hannover. From its friendly old town to open-air concerts or the unique baroque gardens in Herrenhausen: Hannover has lots to offer visitors. One of Germany’s largest pedestrian zones awaits fans of shopping. The proximity of its attractions and a wide range of hotels and restaurants/bars make Hannover an ideal place to stop off for the night close to the motorway.

Hannover in 99 minutes

  • Discover Hannover by yourself: a “Read threat” will guide you to the tourist sights
  • Get a global picture: ride up to the dome of the Town Hall in a unique angled lift
  • Experience the Hannover Hop on Hop off tour, in summer every day from  10.30 am
  • Enjoy the city’s jewel: the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen
  • Relax in the middle of the big city, walking around or boating on the Maschsee

Our prices

Over 11,000 beds in more than 100 hotels provide a wide range of accommodation in all price categories. In summer we offer Super Summer Special hotel rates. 1 night/breakfast from just from EUR 28,00 per person in a double room.


Hannover Marketing &Tourismus GmbH
Tourist Information
Ernst-August-Platz 8
30159 Hannover
Tel.: +49 (0) 511/12345-111
Fax:  +49 (0) 511/12345-112
E-Mail: info@hannover-tourismus.de
Internet: www.hannover-tourismus.de

Hildesheim Angebote Stopover-Dom
Hildesheim UNESCO Welterbe Dom c) Bischöfliche Pressestelle

Hildesheim – stopover arrangement

A detour that’s worth it: pure culture and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hildesheim

World, culture, heritage – Hildesheim is offering a lot: of the city’s five Romanesque churches, the cathedral and the St. Michael’s Church, symbolising Bishop Bernward’s creative powers, are included in UNESCO’s “World Heritage of Humanity”.

Hildesheim in 99 minutes

  • Historic Market Square with Knochenhauer-Amtshaus (former butchers’ guild hall) and half-timbered atmosphere
  • UNESCO World Heritage St. Michael’s Church with a 1000-year-old history
  • Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum with unique collections of ancient Egyptian and ancient Peruvian objects
  • UNESCO World Heritage Cathedral
  • Legendary 1000-year-old rosebush

The Hildesheim hotels provide visitors individual offers, modern conference facilities as well as seasonal specialties and delicacies. Whether in a charming country inn or a luxurious 4-star boutique hotel, the quality of offers and excellent prices will convince you.

Getting to know Hildesheim

Inside views into the diocese city

  • one overnightstay incl. breakfast buffet in the Hotel
  • 2-hours Sightseeing tour „Getting to know Hildesheim“
  • Visit of multimedia presentation in the World Heritage Visitor Center Hildesheim
  • a small Hildesheim speciality
  • one information package per room

Package Price per Person sharing a double room:  from 60.00 Euro

Bookable 2018


Hildesheim Marketing GmbH
World Heritage Visitors Center & Tourist-Information
Rathausstraße 20 (Tempelhaus)
D – 31134 Hildesheim
Tel.: +49 (0) 5121/17980
Fax:  +49 (0) 5121/179888
E-Mail: tourist-info@hildesheim-marketing.de
Internet: www.hildesheim.de/tourismus

Lüneburg Angebote Stopover-Deutsches Salzmuseum
Lüneburg Deutsches Salzmuseum

Lüneburg – stop over arrangement

Mons, pons, fons

Experience 1,050 years of history in Lüneburg Mons, the Kalkberg (“limestone hill”), pons, the bridge across the river Ilmenau, and fons, the salt spring at the salt works. In Lüneburg, you can find a lot of history as well as youthful life in a historic atmosphere. Among medieval brick gables, numerous places giving testimony of salt production, a lively gastronomic scene and a great number of shops, you will find yourself in a realm of real romanticism. Get a realistic impression of 700 years of history in one of the most beautiful town halls in Germany, find out everything about the “white gold” of the middle ages or try to keep up with the wild “Sülfmeister” (“master saltmakers”) in their celebrations.

Lüneburg in 99 minutes

  • Tours of the town for every taste
  • On horseback: rides through town in horse-drawn carriages
  • The Kalkberg: vantage point and nature reserve
  • Salt-making at the Salzmuseum (Salt Museum)
  • Town hall: the bone of the Lüneburg Salzsau (“Salt Pig”) at the Alte Kanzlei
  • Panoramic view from the Wasserturm (water tower)
  • Sülfmeistertage: historic event in October


Basic Package ”Lüneburg compact“

• Overnightstay incl. breakfast
• local accommodation tax
• Guided tour of the town hall or guide book
• A little souvenir of Lüneburg

Price example:

2 nights in a 3-star hotel: from € 129
per person sharing a double room
2 nights in a 4-star hotel: from € 149
per person sharing a double room


Lüneburg Marketing GmbH
Rathaus/Am Markt
21335 Lüneburg
Tel.: +49 (0) 4131/2076620
Fax:  +49 (0) 4131/2076644
E-Mail: touristik@lueneburg.info
Internet: www.lueneburg.info/pauschalangebote

Wolfenbüttel Segway tour c) Stadt Wolfenbüttel

Wolfenbüttel – stop over arrangement

Wolfenbüttel, so much more than you think!

For over three centuries Wolfenbüttel, which can be found between the Harz and Heath, was the seat of the Guelphs, a centre of intellectual life and the fine arts. This residency town, which was spared in wartime, looks very much as it did in the age of the Dukes: over 600 lovingly restored half-timbered houses, venerable churches and splendid buildings reflect the glory of the town’s great past. Numerous festivals, sophisticated hotels and gastronomy as well as a wide variety of cultural activities make a stay at Wolfenbüttel into an unforgettable experience.

Wolfenbüttel in 99 minutes

  • Ducal palace with museum
  • Duke August Library with Lessing’s House
  • Parish Church “Beatae Mariae Virginis”
  • Historic old town with over 600 half-timbered buildings
  • Public tours of town and themed visits at weekends
  • Cultural route “Waterways”
  • Cultural route “Little Venice”
  • Villa Seeliger
  • Trinitatis Church and St. John’s Church

Our prices

Get to know Wolfenbüttel A 1-night stopover at our historic residency town incl. breakfast in selected hotels: something you won’t forget in a hurry. The price includes a seasonal surprise gift as well as a comprehensive info pack. Arrival on Saturday, from EUR 33.00 per person in a double room, special rates for accompanying children.


City of Wolfenbüttel
Tourist Information
Stadtmarkt 7
38300 Wolfenbüttel
Tel.: +49 (0) 5331/86280
Fax:  +49 (0) 5331/867708
E-Mail: touristinfo@wolfenbuettel.de
Internet: www.wolfenbuettel-tourismus.de