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Indian Summer im Weserbergland c( Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH
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Indian Summer im Weserbergland c( Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH
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Guides and excursions

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Guides/Excursions – Braunschweig

By foot, bicycle or even by bus – Braunschweig and its surrounding region offer a multitude of possibilities to arrange excursion programs.

The excursions are composed for groups individual. Sightseeing possibilities, fees and admissions are calculated according to prior agreement. Discount for children can be allowed upon consultation.

Please contact:

Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH
Kleine Burg 14
38100 Braunschweig
Tel.: +49 (0) 531/4702040
Fax: +49 (0) 531/4702044
E-Mail: touristinfo@braunschweig.de
Internet: www.braunschweig.de



Guides/Excursions – Celle

Tour guides in the Celle Region and the South Heath nature reserve. Unique heathland and tales around moorland sheeps, bees, land and people.

When bookable: the whole year

Languages: German, English, French, Danish, Spanish, Polish, Swedisch, Italian

Duration / Prices:

29,50 € per hour (minimum 4 hours)

Please contact:

Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH
Altes Rathaus
Markt 14-16
D-29221 Celle
Tel.: +49 (0) 5141/909080
Fax:  +49 (0) 5141/90908710
E-Mail: info@celle-tourismus.de
Internet: www.celle-tourismus.de


Guides/Excursions – Goslar

Escorted Coach Tour through the Harz Mountains

For getting to know the sights and countryside of the Harz Mountains we recommend one of our experienced escorts for your coach tour. We will be happy to assist with planning the route.

Price per hour
minimum duration 4 hours:

  • In German: EUR 30.00
  • Foreign language*: EUR 40.00

Please contact:

Tourist-Information der GOSLAR marketing GmbH
Markt 7
38640 Goslar
Tel.: +49 (0) 5321/78060
Fax:  +49 (0) 5321/780644
E-Mail: tourist-information@goslar.de
Internet: www.goslar.de



Guides/Excursions – Göttingen

Excursion programmes

Weserbergland Tour

The region of Weserbergland with its numerous sights can be found to the west of Göttingen. On this outing you can choose to visit the town Hann. Münden, which is located on the confluence of three rivers, the monastery Kloster Bursfelde and the Fürstenberg porcelain manufactory. Alternatively, you can relax on a trip down the river Weser!

Out and about in Eichsfeld

An excursion through the historical landscape of the Eichsfeld region is a perfect combination of culture and nature. Explore the European Bread Museum and the Wilhelm-Busch Mill in Ebergötzen, the lake Seeburger See, the half-timber houses in Duderstadt or the Grenzlandmuseum Teistungen, chronicling the history of the German-German border.

Trip to the Harz

A panoramic excursion to the legendary world of the mountains and forests of the Harz National Park. Other stopping points are the Ockertalsperre dam and the mining towns of St. Andreasberg and Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

Prices for all tours:

Professional tour guide, half-day excursion/4 hours:
€ 100 incl. VAT (in German) and € 120 incl. VAT (other languages)
full-day excursion/8 hours:
€152 incl. VAT (in German) and € 192 incl. VAT (other languages)
admission extra
coaches available on request.

Please contact:

Göttingen Tourismus e.V.
Markt 9
37073 Göttingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 551/49980-0
Fax:  +49 (0) 551/49980-10
E-Mail: tourismus@goettingen.de
Internet: www.goettingen-tourismus.de



Guides/Excursions – Hameln

Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH:

We would be glad to arrange tour guides for Bus,Cycling and hiking tours, through the Weser Mountains Region.
See the lovely landscapes and the rich cultural gems of the Weser Mountains Region with the knowledgeable support of a day guide.

Three suggestions:
A) Castle Tour (Fuerstenberg, Corvey, Haemelschenburg)
B) Porta Westfalica (Bueckeburg, Porta Westfalica, River Crossing)
C) Teutoburger Wald (Hermann´s Monument, Extern Rocks, Detmold)

We can make individual offers, as well. The costs are for the day guide only. Assistance in arrangements for a bus, etc. – are offered upon request.

Price: € 120,- per Guide / 1/2 Day
Price: € 200,- per Guide / Full Day

Thematic offers: castles, Weserrenaissance, churches, legends and fairy tales.

Please contact:

Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH
Tourist Information
Deisterallee 1
31785 Hameln
Tel.: +49 (0) 5151/957823
Fax:  +49 (0) 5151/957840
E-Mail: touristinfo@hameln.de
Internet: www.hameln.de


Guides/Excursions – Hannover

1. Assistance (e.g. transfer assistants etc.)

Up to 2 hours operational time
(also possible in a foreign language)
Price: € 95,-
Each additional hour: € 40,-

2. Assistants / Tour guides (long-term)*

Half day / up to 4 hours € 145,-
Each additional hour € 40,-
Full day / 8 hours € 245,-

* These assistants are not special qualified tour guides.

3. Assistants including translation

(e.g. technical visits or at the Hannover fairs/trade exhibitions)

Up to 2 hours operational time
Price: € 145,-
Each additional hour: € 50,-

Half day / 4 hours € 215,-
Full day / 8 hours € 350,-

Additional charge for the above given services ( 1. – 6. ):

• Extra charge for service between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. (22.00-6.00 h). We take a surcharge per hour like the additional hour fee as mentioned.

• Surcharge for services from / to the airport in Hannover Langenhagen: € 15,- (to pay in a lump sum). That applies similarly in case of disadvantageous place of departure / arrival too.

• The above prices are valid as long as the stated service-times are not exceeded. All additional costs like for example train tickets, meals, parking fees, accommodation etc. have to be paid by the customer.

Handling fee for the agency :

Depending on the size of order a handling fee will be charged.

Please ask for foreign languages!
(English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Japanese, Chinese and more)

Please contact:

Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH
Team Staedtereisen
Vahrenwalder Straße 7
30165 Hannover
Tel.: +49 (0) 511/12345-333
Fax.: +49 (0) 511/12345-334
E-Mail: staedtereise@hannover-tourismus.de
Internet: www.hannover.de/tourismus




Guides/Excursions – Hildesheim

Tours of the region

Whether you prefer a tour through the Harz mountains, the monastery route, the route along the river Leine or things to know about castles and palaces – let us show you the outstanding testimonies of history in fascinating countryside around Hildesheim by a competent tour guide.

EUR 85.00 for an 2-hour-course
EUR 135.00 for an 4-hour-course
EUR 185.00 for an 6-hour-course

Foreign languages ​​and prices on request.

World Heritage in the Hildesheim Region

Encounter the unique UNESCO world cultural heritage in the Hildesheim region: In Hildesheim, visit St. Michael‘s Church and see Bishop Bernward‘s bronze works. Then take a trip to Alfeld to the Fagus plant, the first industrial building of modernity.

Duration: approx. 6 hours.
Price: EUR 185.00 plus admission fees and costs for bus transport


Tourist Information
Rathausstraße  20 (Tempelhaus)
D-31134 Hildesheim
Tel: + 49 (0) 5121 1798 – 0
Fax:+ 49 (0) 5121 1798 – 88
E-Mail: tourist-info@hildesheim-marketing.de
Internet: www.hildesheim.de/tourismus

Stadtmarkt Wolfenbuettel c) Stadt Wolfenbuettel Christian Bierwagen

Guides/Excursions – Wolfenbüttel

We would be glad to book guides for your Programme in Wolfenbüttel and excursions for example to the Harz Mountains or the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

Prices on request

Please contact:

Stadt Wolfenbüttel
Löwenstraße 1
38300 Wolfenbüttel
Tel.: +49 (0) 5331/86280
Fax. +49 (0) 5331/867708
E-Mail: touristinfo@wolfenbuettel.de
Internet: www.lessingstadt-wolfenbuettel.de