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Just half an hour’s drive from Hamburg, easily accessible by train or car via the A 250, you will find Lüneburg, a Hanseatic City dating back from mediaeval times. It was Lüneburg that gave its name to the heath nearby. In the Middle Ages it was one of the richest towns in the north of Germany: its salt mines made it a busy centre of trade, wealth and power. Today day-trippers are fascinated by the magnificent patrician houses with their brick gables or the mediaeval town hall on the market square. This university town offers visitors a lively cultural scene and the greatest number of bars and cafes per mile in Europe.

You can still see the salt water bubbling up at “SaLü”, Lüneburg’s thermal baths. Behind the old awe-inspiring city walls you will find a young and lively atmosphere. Relaxed shopping in the low-traffic city centre and going out to restaurants and rustic pubs is a genuine pleasure here.

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Worth seeing

Shopping and Going Out in Lüneburg

Going out & Culture in Lüneburg

You do not know the Lüneburg pub scene? Then join us and learn how thirst has been quenched in our beautiful Hanseatic City  for centuries. In the streets, in the squares and the historic port there are localities in which it happens very old fashioned, proper, well maintained, but also colorful and obliquely. Attractions are not the focus, but wan’t be omitted.

Duration 2 hrs
Price per group on request
(bookable from Monday to Thursday)

Enjoy Lüneburg with all senses

Not only your sense of taste is addressed during this guided tour. Wander through the medieval streets of the historic City Center and see, taste, smell, hear and feel Lüneburg with its more than 1,050 years of local history in all its facets – an incomparable experience, including tastings and small surprises!

Price on request, depending on the number of persons.

Lüneburg Veranstaltungen-Zauberhafte Weihnachtsstadt

Enchanting Christmas City Lüneburg

28 November to 23 December

Not only the traditional Christmas Market in the market square in front of the historic city hall and its traditional atmosphere raise everybody‘s spirits in anticipation of Christmas. Take a stroll through the illuminated alleys and on your tour, discover the stylish, xmassy flair in the picturesque Wasserviertel, the romantic, magical ambience of the Stintmarkt and the special Christmas feeling when standing in the shadow of St. John‘s Church.


Fahrt mit dem Salzewer c) Deutsches Salzmuseum
27 July 2018 to 29 July 2018

Lüneburg Salt Days

During the Lüneburg Salt days visitor are invited to experience the history of the salt as well as the history of the Hanseatic city Lüneburg. It was the salt, the white gold that makes Lüneburg to a rich and powerful city during medieval times. The program of the Salt days is full of variety. Guided Tours on the traces of the Salt, shipping along the old salt routes, visit of the Salt Museum, culinary salty highlight and much more else.

Further Information:

Lüneburger Sülfmeistertag
28 September 2018 to 30 September 2018

Lüneburger Sülfmeistertage (Master Salter Days) – Medieval Spectacle

Exciting neck- and neck races during entertaining competitions, a magnificent festival Parade with hundreds of participants in historic costumes and splendidly decorated festival carts, and the ceremonial burning the “Kopefass” as the final event of the whole medieval spectacle, are traditional features of the Sülfmeistertage.

Further Information:

Weihnachtsstadt Lüneburg c) Mathias Schneider
28 November 2018 to 23 December 2018

Lüneburg the Christmas City

Brightly illuminated gables, attractive Christmas markets, churches with splendid seasonal decorations, a multitude of sights and special features such as the Wichern-Adventskranz guarantee that your visit to the Christmas City of Lüneburg will be worth it.

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9 special tips:

  • Great variety of 1-day and overnight package offers
  • Exciting guided theme and event tours
  • Old craftsmen’s street and historic Christmas market in old town
  • Salt-making at Salzmuseum
  • Sülfmeistertage, (master Salter days) Lüneburg’s biggest historic festival
  • Water tower: panoramic view of Lüneburg (height 56 m)
  • “External sets of the German telenovela “Rote Rosen” (red roses) in the picturesque Water quarter
  • Bicycle tours along the Elbe, on the heath, a junction for long-distance trips
  • Excursions to the Lüneburg Heath – carriage tours and watching moorland sheep


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