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Guided tours in Hameln

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„The inveigled persuader“

A one-man play by a starring and shady character in the middle of the old town of Hameln. Immerse yourself in the 13th century!

Duration: 75 minutes
Price per group of up to 20 persons:
EUR 170.00 incl. VAT in German

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Guided tour with the Pied Piper

Upon your arrival in Hameln, you may be greeted with music and poetry by the Pied Piper in person.

Duration: approx. 60 or 90 minutes
Price: EUR 140.00 / or EUR 180.00 incl. VAT per group (max. 30 persons)
in German or English.

By groups of more than 30 individuals, a cityguide will lead a parallel tour and exchange midway with the Pied Piper (additional EUR 59.00).

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Hameln‘s old town in 60 or 90 minutes

Many thousands of guests have taken part in the last 30 years. The classical guided tour remains in great demand and is especially for first visitors. Themes are the Pied Piper Tale, the history of Hameln from the Weser-Renaissance to the restoration of the Old-Town. Interest and time dictate which length to choose: in 90 minutes is more to be seen…

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes
Group: max. 30 persons

Price per group for 60 minutes:
EUR 47.00 incl. VAT in German
EUR 59.00 incl. VAT other languages

Price per group for 90 minutes:
EUR 60.00 incl. VAT in German
EUR 72.00 incl. VAT other languages

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