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Discover Hameln in a sustainable way

Hameln nachhaltig E-Bike verleih Touristinfo c) HMT

Hameln nachhaltig E-Bike verleih Touristinfo c) HMT Discover Hameln in a sustainable way

Conscious contact with people and nature has become increasingly important to residents of and visitors to the town of Hameln over the years. Explore the Pied Piper town in a trendy and sustainable way using an e-scooter or Segway, saunter through the weekly market or the beautiful Old Town with its little boutiques, or get to know the surroundings from a different perspective on two wheels. Take advantage of Deutsche Bahn offers to get here. It takes between 38 and 45 minutes on the S5 / S51 to get to Hameln from Hannover’s main railway station, and 64 minutes from Hannover Airport. The NordWestBahn will bring you to Hameln from the west or the east. Tip: The Bahn’s ‘Niedersachsen-Ticket (Lower Saxony ticket)’ is also valid for local transport bus journeys to Hameln-Pyrmont.

Hameln nachhaltig: Kanufahrten auf der Weser c) HMT 9 tips how to discover Hameln sustainable

– E-bike hire – Explore the most beautiful corners of the Weserbergland with one of our new Kalkhoff branded e-bikes

– Glide through our historical Old Town on a Segway tour and experience pure mobility on your journey into the natural landscape.

– Hiking around Hameln – up the mountain, down the mountain: always a good view! Hameln and its idyllic districts are embedded in some of the most heavily-forested mountain ridges in the charming landscape of the Weserbergland. Almost one-third of the city is forest, which makes Hamelin one of the most heavily-forested towns in Northern Germany.

– A canoe tour along the idyllic landscape surrounding the Weser river is the perfect experience to get your tired bones moving again

– Experience the century-old tradition of Weser rafting on a raft tour whilst allowing your gaze to wander over the passing landscape of the Weserbergland.

– Be amazed by the colourful diversity of seasonal products cultivated in the region during a saunter through the Hameln weekly market. The Hameln weekly market at the Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square) attracts visitors from near and far every Wednesday and Saturday from 7:00 to 13:00.

– Browse through the souvenir shop at the Tourist Information office, and discover other products from the region, in addition to typical Hameln souvenirs such as bread rats or Rattenkiller (Rat Killer herbal liqueur).

– The Tourist Information building is an energetically-optimised solar building. Photovoltaic modules spanning some 150 m2 supply electrical power and at the same time serve as static shading. Vacuum tube collectors support the heating, which does not require radiators and heats via a ventilation system. The fresh air conditioning system runs via underground channels. The building can be experienced as a low-energy house, because the photovoltaic and thermal solar energy ements are visibly and palpably incorporated into the design of the building.

Discovering Hameln via e-scooter

Fun on the go is definitely central to this guided tour. However, your guide will also explain the highlights of Hamelin Old Town with all of its particularities and curiosities. Even those who think they already know Hamelin will discover many new things!


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